Operation Productivity and Deaton Group Consulting Formally Merge to Form MindSalt

Ann and David launching MindSalt

Today is finally THE day. We are honored and so excited to formally share something we’ve had in the works for a while. After years of collaboration, Ann Thompson’s Operation Productivity and David Deaton’s Deaton Group Consulting have officially merged and we’re pleased to introduce…


Unlocking Possibilities. Powering Success.


Together, we can offer a broader range of expertise and capabilities, spanning from finance, research, and strategic planning to operations and process improvement. We now have an even greater ability to help you and your organization unlock more possibilities and achieve enduring success.

Our dynamic, cross-functional team takes an integrated, whole-business approach to make our clients more purposeful, productive, and profitable. Over the last few years, we’ve successfully served a broad range of local and national clients. Now, under one unified brand, we look forward to helping even more organizations succeed and collectively make a greater impact in our communities, the economy, and beyond.

Even prior to our partnership, we both have always been committed to leading purpose-driven businesses and helping our clients do the same. We believe that when organizations do good in the world, we all win. With that shared ethos and similar operating values at the core, merging our businesses and capabilities to better serve our clients and community was a natural evolution.

We are stronger together, and have what it takes to help you grow, transform, and truly make a difference. So, get inspired and dream BIG! Because together, it’s possible. 

What Is MindSalt?
Our team is insightful and savvy yet real, hardworking, salt of the earth people. Our new name reflects who we are and what we offer – intelligent insight and analysis delivered through hard work and a little sweat. Our new logo, comprised of an arrow-like “M” turned on its side and balancing on a point, visually represents our process of turning data into insight, action, and forward progress.

What can we achieve together? Let’s find out.