MindSalt Annual Client Survey Results

We hope your new year is off to a fantastic start and you’re entering 2024 refreshed, energized, and excited for new possibilities in the year ahead! We couldn’t dive in to 2024 without first taking a moment to reflect and express our gratitude for some exciting milestones and successes from the last year.  

First, in June 2023, we officially merged our respective businesses, Operation Productivity and the Deaton Group, to form MindSalt! This partnership enabled us to provide our clients with a broader range of expertise and capabilities, spanning from finance, research, and strategic planning to operations and process improvement. As MindSalt, we now have an even greater ability to help our clients and community unlock more possibilities and achieve enduring success.  

 Our partnership has also allowed us to expand our cross-functional team to include several new members, including Marcy Mercer, a senior-level expert in branding, marketing, and graphic design, and Dana Henshaw, a business operations specialist with expertise in project management and process improvement. If you haven’t already, we’d love for you to learn more about our entire team 

 Finally, late last year, we conducted our annual client survey to gauge client satisfaction. We are so pleased to share that for the fourth straight year, we have earned a 90 percent or greater overall “top box” client satisfaction rating, with 93 percent of our clients reporting that they are “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied” with our work and accomplishments on their behalf.  

 WHY? Here’s a few additional insights from our 2023 client survey: 

It is incredibly rewarding to know the work we do with our clients is being well received and making an impact. Even more, we are thankful that our clients are happy with how we work in partnership with them.  

We are grateful for the successes that 2023 brought and excited for what we can achieve together in 2024! What’s on your goal list for this year and how can we help?