Values Driven.
Impact Focused.

About Us

We are a comprehensive business consulting firm that helps organizations of all kinds unlock possibilities to achieve enduring success. Through an integrated, whole-business approach, we empower our clients to become more purposeful, productive, and profitable.

Every client is unique, so each relationship is custom-designed to suit your individual situation, needs, goals, and available resources. We believe in true partnership, built on trust allowing us to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to ensure effective execution at every step.

This formula enables us to drive real change and enduring success with the ultimate goal of making a greater impact on our communities, economies, and beyond.


Ann Thompson, co-leader of MindSalt, has nearly three decades of experience helping clients streamline operations and maximize profitability. She is a Certified Productive Environment Specialist™ and a Six Sigma certified Quality Black Belt with expertise in cutting costs, increasing productivity, reducing defects, and improving service delivery for her clients.

Using proven methodologies, Ann leads organizations through complete transformations involving IT, operations, procurement, and service delivery to realize tangible results such as increased productivity, profits, and performance gains. She has worked with organizations ranging from local nonprofits and small businesses to academic institutions and global corporations. From leading a struggling retail company to profitability for the first time to streamlining systems to help a global manufacturing company grow its revenues by five times over two years, Ann’s expertise makes an impact where it matters most – the bottom line.

Further, her work enables clients to regain control of their businesses and time, so they can experience greater peace of mind, reduced stress, increased energy, and a priceless sense of calm. Since establishing her own consulting business in 2001, Ann has spent most of her career helping clients accomplish their professional goals and enjoy their lives, which she continues to do today. 

Ann is also an avid volunteer with the Community Investment Collaborative, an organization that supports local entrepreneurs, and Kindness Café + Play, a nonprofit that provides meaningful employment for adults with cognitive disabilities.

“Productivity isn’t doing all the things; it is doing the right things.”

David Deaton, co-leader of MindSalt, has been leading transformation for organizations of all types, sizes, and industries for nearly three decades. He has extensive expertise in strategic planning, operational and financial analysis, market research, and effective execution. David has developed organizational strategy and gained leadership and staff alignment, walked side-by-side with clients through implementation, and helped them navigate myriad challenges from stagnation to hyper growth and expansion. He has led nonprofits in developing their missions and organizational design, guided teams through global product launches and technology roll-outs, and advised startups from funding through maturation.

David’s professional experience spans the globe. He worked in Hong Kong for four years and has worked with organizations extensively throughout Asia Pacific as well as the rest of the world, and many cities throughout the United States.

David is a frequent keynote speaker on purpose-driven business, strategy, and business resiliency. He is on the board of directors for the Charlottesville Business Innovation Council (CBIC), the Early Music Access Project, and serves on the board development advisory committee for the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (CACF). He has previously volunteered with the University of Virginia Darden School of Business i. Lab Incubator to mentor student startups as well as the Community Investment Collaborative (CIC) as a guest lecturer for community startups. He is a trained and certified facilitator, leading facilitation sessions worldwide, and a workshop leader and trainer for the Center for Nonprofit Excellence.

“When you work in the service of others, it is not really work at all.”

Stacey Sepp founded Denver-based Xstatic Public Relations in 2004 and has managed its clients and award-winning PR and communication campaigns ever since. Stacey has more than 20 years of experience in both agency and corporate PR, and has worked with a diverse group of organizations throughout her career in industries including: nonprofit, healthcare, academia, fitness and wellness, consumer products, lifestyle, financial services, real estate and many others.

Stacey is committed to creating true partnerships with her clients and believes that strong relationships are the key to achieving exceptional results.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Jake Lovinger supports the strategic transformation process for our clients, which span industries from the business sector to nonprofit, academia, and beyond. He brings a wealth of skills and contributions to the team including project management, client service, session facilitation, market research, and data analysis, among others.

 Jake leads team evaluation and development for MindSalt and supports business development and service productization. What he enjoys most about his role is serving others, collaborative problem solving, and hard work. He lives by the mantra “whatever it takes,” and applies this same approach in his work with both colleagues and clients.

Outside of work, Jake plays soccer professionally and enjoys spending his time reading, traveling, working out, hanging out with friends, and listening to a good podcast.

“The best way out is always through.”

Dana Henshaw brings more than 15 years of project management, operational optimization, and process improvement expertise to MindSalt and its clients. After starting her career journey teaching English in Peru, Dana joined a global not-for-profit association where she quickly became a key part of the global team who managed and oversaw a twice annual event in more than 200 cities worldwide. With oversight spanning the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Dana gained extensive experience in business operations, strategy execution, and talent and team management. 

Dana parlayed her leadership and experience into the next phase of her career as a business operations consultant. In this role, she has worked with organizations and small businesses to evaluate products and processes in an effort to transform their operations for success. In addition to her work with MindSalt, Dana enjoys serving her community and actively volunteers with Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry.

“Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.”

Marcy Mercer found her passion for all things creative early on, and over the last two decades, has curated her career to focus on graphic design, operations, strategic marketing, account management, and promotional procurement. Her passion for graphic arts was sparked early through her work as a designer aboard the world-traveling Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) luxury cruise ship. From there, she spent 17 years in the agency world as an associate director, managing people, processes, and execution of projects to support clients’ promotional marketing strategies while growing relationships with clients, peers, and suppliers.

Marcy finds fulfillment seeking solutions for clients through strategic, process-driven collaboration, and thrives bringing people together with common goals. She frequently supports organizations in her community through pro-bono marketing and graphic design work, and prides herself in having a great sense of design and stellar common sense.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”


Aspirations Realized. At the heart of every large corporation, small business, nonprofit, or entrepreneurial venture, are people – people who have aspirations. Whether it’s to finish a shift to go home to family, climb the corporate ladder, or bring an idea to life through a new product or service, those aspirations are precious. We believe that fulfilled aspirations are the root of purpose-filled, joyful lives.  So, when businesses and organizations succeed, aspirations are realized, and communities thrive, we all win.


To help our clients achieve enduring success through purposeful, productive, and profitable solutions.



Being Nice

Showing respect is a rule

This is not a TV drama where colleagues battle and yell at each other. We believe in being nice and acting with humility. Mistakes happen, but ultimately, we’re all on the same team. Our focus is on progress and collaborating with people who are positive. There is not enough energy in our days not to be nice, respect, and value others. This should not prevent us from being direct, expressing opposing views, or being candid with each other or our clients. However, we can do this with a sense of respect and humility, and expect the same from those around us.

Grit & Determination

Our strong work ethic is rooted in humble beginnings

We never forget where we came from and what it takes to be successful. Humble determination and the value of willpower are invaluable. Some of our families came from truly little means – rural homes with dirt floors and dilapidated public housing – and we don’t forget that. Therefore, we are thoughtful with our resources. We don’t take business for granted and we work hard to build and retain clients. We work with dogged determination and perseverance to add value in any way possible because we know the hard work it takes to be successful. 

Service to Others

We are committed to serving others and our community

We aspire to serve. We believe that when organizations do good and contribute positively to the world, we all win. Therefore, we serve our clients and help them thrive with the ultimate goal of making a difference in our communities, economies, and beyond. We also are connected to our own home communities and volunteer our time to various causes close to our hearts and aligned with our mission. When we help organizations succeed, we can collectively change our world for the better. 

Pragmatic Optimism

Our positive attitude sets the tone in all we do

We believe in bringing a positive attitude to our work. We do not shy away from challenging situations or clients as this might be where we can make the greatest impact! We aim to create a positive environment where we can open-mindedly explore possibilities. We do not waste time on negative talk nor dwell on limitations or challenges. Instead, we choose to start with a “we can” attitude, focusing on what we can do first, then inviting others where we might need additional help or expertise. We know that novel solutions, unique experiences, and relentless optimism come from finding a way in difficult circumstances. 

Accountability, Integrity & Trust

Success and strong relationships are built on trust

We believe success and lasting relationships are grounded in accountability, integrity, and trust. We do what we say we’re going to do with professionalism and respect, and expect the same from our clients, vendors, and partners. This helps build a rapport and environment where clients can depend on us, confide in us, and openly share the most sensitive, and often the most critical aspects of their business. We honor this transparency, knowing it is essential to build trust and achieve success for our clients – our most important offerings. 

Results & Impact

Results are everything

We know that our value comes from achieving results and making a real impact for our clients. Every client is unique and comes to us with a distinct set of challenges and opportunities. Therefore, we take the time to thoroughly understand their organization, situation, and what success means for them. Then, we curate a tailor-made plan designed to achieve mutual success. Our clients expect us to help them deliver results – and we do. We believe in our team to get the job done, but we choose to lead with humility, knowing that our work, results, and track record speak for themselves. 

Stand Shoulder-to-Shoulder with Clients

We are peers & partners

We care about and invest in our clients. Our job is to get immersed in their organization, find their blind spots, and empower success. We speak openly, directly, and with honesty and respect, knowing that when we do, we develop trusting relationships in which clients have no doubt their interests and success come first. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are at our best when all voices are heard

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion drive our collective best. Inviting and creating an environment that embraces many lived experiences and different points of view ensures our thinking and problem-solving are dynamic. We believe in a society where all voices are heard and valued. We are a work in progress, but always striving to build a team that is an accurate representation of our world.

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